Why You Should Sell Plants

The unfortunate truth is the demand for house plants is at an all time high and there simply is not enough supply to meet it. Home depot, Lowes, and local nurseries sell out of plants as quickly as they receive them and some online shops, like Gabriella Plants and Steves Leaves, sell certain plants out in seconds of restocking their website.

This has increased pricing for certain plants, and has made the same plants become unobtainable for most, with more and more companies moving over to an auction type model for selling. We live in a free market society, and there is no shame for any company moving into this model.

Therefore, if you’re able to sell plants that are sold out rapidly through these plant stores, you’ll help others get their dream plants as well. With the increasing value of house plants, this should be enough incentive for others to propagate and sell.

If it isn’t consider this. Many plants are now becoming extinct in the wild and are only surviving through the trade. The philodendron Joepii comes to mind when I think about a plant where only two were found in the wild. There is certainly now hundreds of them around the world, where they are being kept alive with the help of plant parents, such as yourself.

So if you’re selling plants, trading plants, or even giving plants, you’re doing a great job with helping everyone access plants that are in serious short supply.

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