What’s Happening To My Philodendron Birkin

Philodendron Birkin leaves turning red

Are you starting to get weird red splashes on your philodendron birkin? Or is it just shooting out red leaves? If so, your philodendron birkin is reverting.

The philodendron birkin is derived from the Red Congo Philodendron. Which is why those colors are being displayed.

For some people who want their philodendron birkins to maintain its aesthetic, it can be annoying to see this expression come from your plant. However, you can cut the top part of the plant, where the expression is happening in hopes that it doesn’t reoccur.

For example, some people will lose the variegation on their monstera albos. In order to keep the white expression maintained, people will cut the node from where it is reverting in hopes that the plant will continue to show variegated expression. Therefore, the same principles apply. With any reversion, you want to cut those pieces that aren’t showing the expression you want.

However, if you’re like me and you find it to be fun and whimsical, just keep let it revert and have fun with it! Things don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful right?