What is a “spent node”?

This term is used to describe what a “zombie leaf” is. Basically, this means that a node, or a single leaf cutting has no potential at becoming a plant.

How to identify a spent node

If you have a single node, only one auxiliary bud will grow from that node. This means that there will only be one growth point that will emerge from that node. If that growth is cut before the next node, then there will be no more potential for new growth. Thus the node, of if there is a leaf attached to the node, may root but will never turn into a plant.

Why can’t multiple growth points grow from a node?

Some plants can grow multiple growth points from nodes, such as tomatoes. Unfortunately, when we consider monstera’s this isn’t the case. Each node on a monstera has only one auxiliary bud, and new leaves will only grow from the bud. If you cut above the next node on the growth point, it will have another opportunity to grow leaves, or become a plant. However, if it’s cut beneath that node, then there would be no more potential for growth.

Can nodes grow multiple root points?

Yes, nodes can have multiple root points. However, this isn’t the same case for growth points. So if you have a spent node, it can continue to grow roots. If there is a leaf, the leaf will sustain itself for a while, up until it dies.

Can multiple growth points grow from the same monstera node?

The answer is no. If this does happen, you may have compacted nodes that might not be distinguishable and multiple growth points can emerge if you have multiple nodes. I have noticed that some of my monsteras can have 4-6 nodes in less than a 1/4 inch.

A new leave is growing from where I cut the node

So this can happen when someone doesn’t cut the growth point correctly. A new leaf can grow from the base of that cutting. Does that mean it’ll always happen? Absolutely not, because it depends on a lot of things. Mostly luck.

When a monstera node has it’s growth point cut at the base, it will not grow into a new plant. I have presented a couple of ways it can, but those are rare situations and in the event you do have multiple nodes, then that’s not really a factor here.

Good luck and be aware of what you’re buying. Ask for multiple pictures and ask directly.

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