Why Are my Variegated Monstera Leaves are Burning

My Variegated Monstera leaves are browning

Browning is a very common condition for albos and variegated plants. This tends to happen for a few reasons, your plant isn’t being watered enough or it’s getting too much light. It’s usually the latter, because as you might know, the amount of light is connected to the amount of variegation your plant will express. So getting the right balance of enough light to maintain good variegation, but not too much where your leaves burn can be difficult.

For low variegated plants, it’s okay giving them bright lights. This allows the plant to get more variegation, but since the variegation is low there isn’t really an issue with browning or burning of the leaves.

How to preserve my white albo leaves

I recommend medium light for high variegated plants, and moving it into low light during new leaf development. In my experience, once a leaf hardens, it becomes increasingly difficult for the white portion to brown/burn. Still, the issue can still arise if your plant is exposed to too much sunlight. Once the new leaf hardens, bring it back into medium light. Keeping it in low light may affect the size and the amount of fenestration on new leaves.

What to do when there is too much variegation?

How to manage plants that are 100% variegated can be found here.

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