Trading Plants on Blossm

One of my plant friends turned me onto this app called Blossm. I thought it was a great idea. Usually, I post on local plant groups on Facebook, but it never felt like I got enough engagement on my posts.

This past weekend, I finally decided to post some plants on Blossm to see what it was all about. It was nice seeing so many plants on the app, some rare, some common, but everyone just looking to have a good time.

Unlike Facebook, I found that users on Blossm were a bit more experienced with plants. Instead, of trying to trade common plants for rare plants, the users are a bit more sophisticated and know what they can offer and what they shouldn’t. This makes it less awkward when declining a trade.

Often times, I found trying to make trades with people on Facebook could get very nasty. Some people reacting very negatively to a no thank you. Similarly to saying no to someone on a dating app. They say something mean about your plants. Not the type of environment I thrive in, and not one I’m willing to participate in. So I found myself not posting too regularly.

Tips for Trading On Blossm

After one weekend and chatting with several people, I learned a few things. Some people will not have anything to trade. If you’re open to selling your plant, put a price down. If you are only looking for a trade, definitely share that in the description.

Not everyone is posting their rare plants, but will trade their rare plants if you put one up. If you have something in particular you are looking for to trade, share that in the description. I have found that many people are asking me what I’m looking for, but they’re not actually posting their own plants.

When you select the type of plant, you are given three options. Plant, clipping or seeds. People don’t tend to notice what they’re getting. Especially when it’s between a plant or a clipping/cutting. Make sure to add that into the description. This will help everyone avoid any sort of confusion.

In the end, filling out the description is very helpful. As I learn more about the app and it evolves, I’ll probably share more of my experiences.

Have fun trading, selling and buying plant fam!

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