Spraying House plants with water

Should you mist your house plants?

I have been misting my house plants for years. Ever since I learned my fiddle leaf fig (FLF) tree’s leaves were turning brown because they needed high humidity or needed to be misted. Since then, spraying my house plants with water became part of my daily routine.

However, not all plants like to be misted. I quickly learned that succulents don’t like to be moist. In fact, they could die due to rot. So I stopped myself from misting succulents and all types of plants that preferred to be dry. Recently, I discovered my string of turtles don’t like to be misted. They enjoy a humid environment, but didn’t seem to like being sprayed with water. I noticed this because each time I misted them in the evening, a turtle shell, or leaf, would just turn into mush. I made it so that I only misted them during the day time so that there was enough daylight to help evaporate the moisture. Eventually, I just stopped misting them all together.

Recently, I came across a YouTube video. I’m not going to reference it but it did mention that misting my plants wasn’t a good idea. In fact, that it would spread disease. After recognizing my string of turtles dying from the misting, I thought to myself. Of course, I don’t need to mist my plants. So I stopped…

Two weeks later, I’ve already seen the result of me not misting. My leaves turning brown. The lesson I learned from my FLF tree…

So now I’m misting my plants again. I’ll avoid succulents and string of turtles, but all other plants are fair game. Especially aroids! So if you’re wondering if you should mist your plants, my advise is yes!

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