Reviving Alocasias

Dead Alocasia Leaves

Are the leaves on your alocasia slowly dying? Or have they all died completely? If so, then there might still be hope. Just because the plant loses it’s leaves, doesn’t mean it’s done for. In fact, it may just be entering its dormancy stage.

Alocasias and Dormancy

Typically, if it’s winter, or just getting really cold where you live, Alocasias will enter a state of dormancy. This is fine, just water it less frequently, until it warms up and begins to sprout new leaves.

In order to bring it out of dormancy, you’ll want to bring it someplace warm, but not anywhere that will get direct light. As direct light will kill your leaves, even sunrise (the weakest light) will burn your leaves. Instead, bring it indoors and wait for it to grow.

However, if your bulb is soft, then there’s probably no hope. The key thing here is to have a healthy rootstock and bulb, otherwise, the plant will not be able to regenerate itself.

Propagating Alocasias

If your alocasia is already looking like it’s about to die, then often times we consider propagating the healthy parts before the rot/disease gets to it. Unfortunately, alocasias only propagate via bulbs or seeds, so if you’re trying to stick a stem in water, you will unfortunately be disappointed as they do not propagate by stem or node, like aroids.

Good luck!

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