Philodendron Pink Congo – Are They Real?

Philodendron Pink Congo Plant with pink variegated top leaves

You may have noticed a new plant in town. It’s not the pink princess philodendron, it’s not a variation of it, it’s completely unique on its own. Primarily because how it gets its pink isn’t genetic.

How Are Philodendron Pink Congo’s Variegated?

Yes, they are absolutely real. You can buy one and enjoy its beauty, albeit, for a short time. The problem with this plant is that when they convert this regular philodendron Congo, the new leaves come out fully variegated, or fully pink, and does nothing to help the plant grow. Which ultimately kills it. However, if you are lucky enough for it to live beyond that, eventually the variegation disappears and all the leaves will eventually be green again.

So what do I mean when the convert the regular philodendron Congo? How do they do it?

Ethylene Gas Induced Variegation

You have probably heard of it. It’s the same gas used to ripen bananas after it’s been shipped from Guatemala to your country of origin. It’s what is used once apples arrive to their final destination. In this case, it’s what is used to turn an ordinary philodendron Congo into a philodendron pink congo.

Therefore, this mutation isn’t genetic, it’s chemical induced. Which means, the variegation will never keep because it is not inherently part of the plants DNA. So this means no propagating, and eventually a full reversion.

Some argue that all variegation is unstable and will eventually revert, so for these individuals there is no difference whether the variegation is originated from genetics of chemicals.

So if you’re asking yourself, should you buy one? That’s purely up to you. I’m simply providing information on this plant. It’s absolutely gorgeous with full pink leaves, but each of us definitely buys plants for various reasons.

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