Monstera Soil Mix

Monsteras are very easy to care for, only when the soil is well draining. If your soil gets compacted, your monstera will succumb to root rot and its nodes will rot. So to help keep your plant alive, you’ll want to have well draining soil.

So what is well draining soil? Simply put, it’s soil that lets water easily flow through it. Easy right?

Here’s what you should have in your soil mix:

  • 1 part perlite
  • 1 part soil
  • 1/4 part orchid bark
  • 1/4 part slow releasing fertilizer or worm castings (optional)
  • 1/4 part activated charcoal (optional)

Fertilizer or worm castings is optional, especially if you plan on giving your monstera fertilizer. If you’re looking to give your plant fertilizer, look for one with a 20:20:20 ratio.

For the activated charcoal, it isn’t necessary unless you’re putting your monstera in a larger pot than it originally is in. Typically, you want to go from one size pot to the next size. So if you’re going a few sizes up, this is just good precaution to take, but with a well draining soil, it isn’t absolutely necessary. Also, if your pot doesn’t have a draining hole, then I’d definitely recommend using activated charcoal.

Now that you have the secret to a great well draining monstera soil mix, you’ll quickly see your monsteras grow faster and stay healthier without complications.