How To Care For Monsteras

Taking care of Monsteras can seem daunting, but after you read this short and easy care guide, you’ll feel confident to cover your home with monsteras! There’s really just three fundamental things you’ll need to learn so that your monsteras thrive!

Monstera Soil Mix

Monstera Soil should very well draining. Meaning, it shouldn’t be able to hold on to too much water. The way you do this is by using a lot of perlite. Some people might use Leca balls in their mix, orchid bark, small lava rocks, but I enjoy how light weight perlite is. See my mix here.

Monstera Watering Needs

The soil should be dry before you water your monstera again. Place your finger in 2 inches deep. If it isn’t moist, go ahead and water it. If you feel moisture, wait another day. There is no standard practice of watering every week or every few days. Depending on lighting, the size of the pot, and so many other factors, you won’t really know when to water your plants unless you’re really paying attention. Learn more about monstera watering schedules here.

Monstera Lighting Needs

Monsteras are wonderful plants that live under the canopy for a jungle. They will climb up a tree and can exist in many different lighting settings. Which makes monsteras a very easy plant to care for. Learn more about how lighting can affect monstera growth here.

Now that you’ve learned the three principles to keeping monsteras alive and thriving, you are ready to buy all the monsteras you want! Good luck!