Importing Anthuriums and Philodendrons now Illegal?

Are anthuriums and philodendrons now being destroyed?

Yes, some anthuriums and philodendrons are being destroyed when they get inspected when they arrive to the United States. However, this is typically being done because of a fake phyto-certificate.

John Zale, from the USDA has that there are no new restrictions on those genera (Philodendrons and Anthuriums) and that they may enter the country with a valid permit and phytosanitary certificate. Subject to permit conditions, nothing has changed.

This rumor has been circulating pretty vigorously for the last few days. Some exporters have been claiming this as an issue.

Some Reasons Plants are being destroyed

  • Fake Phytosanitary Certificate
  • Invalid permits
  • Infestation of plants
  • Plants have soil – this should be shipped bare-root

To ensure your plants are not being destroyed, it’s going to be key to make sure you’re purchasing from a legit seller.

How To Select an Overseas Seller

  • Get referrals from people you trust
  • Go on Facebook plant groups and ask for verification
  • Check to see if they have a website
  • Check to see if they run a social media account

Often times, sellers will use photos from other sellers. When you can’t verify that they own the plant. Then you should definitely avoid purchasing from them.

Red Flags from Overseas Sellers

  • They do not accept PayPal Goods and Services (this gives you recourse to get your money back. If you’re doing friends and family or moneygram, there is no incentive to actually send you plants)
  • They only accept Moneygram
  • Can’t provide additional photos – because they’re using photos that are not their own

Good luck!

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