How To Ship Plants Correctly

Are you looking at selling plants? One of the most important step to selling plants online is to ship your plants so they don’t die in transit.

Packing Plants Properly for Shipement

If you’re an individual seller, you’ll most likely want to ship your plants bare-root. This prevents transporting potential pests to your buyers. Be gentle, you don’t want to damage the roots. Also, don’t rinse off the roots, you’ll want them to maintain the microbes that have been growing, this will allow them to transition into their new homes easily.

Once you’ve done this successfully, you’ll want to decide on a medium to transport them in. Some people use coconut coir, but I am a fan of sphagnum moss. Lightly moisten this and wrap it up all up, to maintain moisture. You will not want to over dampen the roots, that could lead to root rot or node rot!

After this is done, make sure you have poly-fill. This is going to be important, because it helps reduce the stress and damage the plant undergoes while in transport. It’s normal for plants to get beaten up, but you don’t want it to die.

Then wrap it all up, tape it up, and ensure the plants are not free-moving within the box. Once it arrives at the postoffice, it will be moved a lot! If there is any space that your plant will bounce around it, it will and utterly destroy the plant.

As a buyer and a seller, I’m made mistakes and I’ve seen the mistakes others have made. I’ve also seen what has been successful and have been able to keep it consistent.

Good luck!

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