How To Propagate Monstera Albo Cuttings and Nodes

So you have decided to take the journey on propagating a monstera albo. Congratulations and good luck! Often times, people have no idea what they’re doing, even people who have been in the hobby for years. Growing a plant from a node is very intimidating. You’ll probably have thoughts like, “Did I just waste $100 on a cutting?” Don’t worry, it’s natural and here are some considerations when purchasing a Monstera Albo Cutting/Node.

Purchasing a Monstera Albo Node/Cutting

To ensure you have the best possible chance for growing a monstera albo, you’ll want to first check the node from the seller. Just because the leaves are beautiful, doesn’t mean that the same expression will continue. The best way to determine whether a monstera node will give you a beautiful plant is by seeing whether the variegation is expressed on the node. Meaning, you’re seeing the whites on the node also, and they’re not only being expressed/seen on the leaves. If the node is full green, it’s more likely that the plant is reverting and there’s a very low likelihood that your plant will have any whites in it.

Preparing a Monstera Albo Node/Cutting

Make sure when you are cutting your plant to use a clean knife. Also, use filtered water for propagation. This is important so that no unwanted bacteria enters your plant and kills it.

This is an easy step to take for all sellers, when it comes to a high value plant such as this. If you’re trading with other monsters, it isn’t always necessary, but definitely is a great security measure.

Rooting Monstera Albo Nodes/Cuttings

After choosing a great node/cutting and taking all proper measures to ensure a successful propagation, you can now begin rooting your monstera albo node/cutting. This is where I recommend using chemicals. If you have an aerial root, put some rooting hormone on it. If not, I recommend using something like SuperThrive, diluted of course, in the water you’ll use to propagate your node/cutting. You can find a few methods of propagation here. You’ll probably want to skip air layering, but I definitely prefer propagation by sphagnum moss.

Make sure it’s placed in a warm area – this will help encourage root growth. Also, make sure it’s some place bright. The monstera albos are beautiful, but the white parts of the plants do nothing for the plant. So it’ll take a bit longer for the plant to root and longer for the leaves to sprout.

Shorts Cuts to Growing Your Plant

Here are a few shortcuts to help you get your plant established more quickly

  • Get node/cutting with roots
  • Get a cutting with a lot of green on the leaf
  • Have the seller air layer propagate your plant before selling it to you
  • Propagate in your greenhouse
  • Propagate in the spring/summer

There are probably more ways to excel your propagation. I’ve heard of Keiki gel, but I hear both the good and bad and haven’t seen any success with my own personal Monstera Albo. I have with PPP, but that’s a different story.

Good luck and happy propagations!

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