How To Pollinate Philodendrons

If you are lucky enough to have one or several of your philodendrons to produce an inflorescence, you are the unique ability to pollinate your plants.

When you only have one inflorescence, you’ll need to find pollen from someone else, or harvest your pollen and wait for someone who has a similar philodendron or a species that can crossbreed with yours to pollinate. Why? Because the flower is female before it becomes male. So what do that mean?

When is a philodendron ready to receive pollen?

The inflorescence becomes sticky at the base of the spadix. This is the female area, and once it produces a liquid, it is ready to receive pollen. This event usually takes place late at night, because in the wild, a month is usually what helps bring pollen from one philodendron to a receiving female spadix.

If you have pollen, you can use a brush to simulate a moth spreading pollen. However, if you do not have access to pollen, it’s okay. The time the philodendron can receive pollen is short lived. Which is why most people propagate via cuttings.

When does the philodendron produce pollen?

Once the brief period of the flower receiving pollen is over, it becomes male and begins producing pollen. When this happens, gently tap the spadix and allow the pollen to be captured on a piece of paper or directly into a glass container. After you collect the pollen, label it with the name of the plant species, the date it was collected and put it in the freezer. Then wait for another inflorescence to grow or share with your plant friends. You can both decide how to split the berries. Keep in mind the longer you have the pollen, the less likely it will be able to pollinate a flower, as the pollen will expire.

What to do after pollination was successful?

Once pollination is successful, some growers will remove the spathe to have a better view of the berries. However, this does come with some risk, like accidentally cutting the spadix off.

Patience is key, but once the berries are full and about to burst, you’ll know it’s ready.

What to do with the berries?

The berries will take some time, but once they’re ready, you’ll want to remove the fruit off of the seeds and plant your seeds. It needs to be done as soon as you can or it will expire.

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