How To Hang Plants In Your Home

Hanging plants in your home, especially as a renter, is pretty nerve-wrecking. We obviously don’t want to lose a our plant from the fall, and a gapping hole in the ceiling is very unsightly.

Choosing a ceiling hook

It’s going to be important to choose the correctly hook for your plant. Keep in mind, if you’re going to be hanging a ceramic pot from your ceiling, you’re going to definitely want a hook with an anchor to secure your pot from falling.

Just imagine watering your plants, you’ll add that weight and eventually your plant will grow heavier. So definitely keep in mind how heavy your plants can get.

I recommend using something that can hold at least 25lbs.

Choosing the right pot to use for hanging your house plant

I personally think pots with a rounded bottom are the best type of pot to use when hanging from a macrame. Otherwise, the pots look so awkward hanging from the rope. It just doesn’t look like it’s being caught, if that makes any sense. Here are some pots I’d recommend.

Remember to weight your pot, plant, and some water in it to really get a gauge with how much it’ll weigh.

How to hang your house plants

So now that your hook is installed, it’s time to hang your plants! You’re probably going to want to ditch that plastic pot your plant came in. So what are you going to use to hang your pot? I recommend using macarames. They’re classic and gorgeous! Especially if you’re going for a light and bright aesthetic.

Even if you decide none of these work for you, I hope my tips and my advise helps you find the confidence to move forward with enhancing your home aesthetics with gorgeous hanging plants.

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