How To Get House Plants When Prices Are Too Expensive?

Buy Cuttings, they can become plants

Some plants cost over $100+. If it’s a plant you want, you can always buy a cutting. If given the right conditions, cuttings, after 6 months to a year can become beautiful plants. I have bought several plants that were out of my price range and have grown them to good size plants. Patience can allow you to get the plants of your dreams. All you need is the genetics right?

If you have plants, trade them for other plants

You can trade for cuttings, or you can propagate and trade rooted/small plants for other rooted and small plants or for more rare cuttings. You’ll never know what someone will accept unless you ask. Please don’t take it personal when someone says no. You’re not being rejected, it’s just the trade isn’t mutually beneficial and that’s okay. Once you get into the groove of trading, it becomes fun and addicting.

Sell plants and make money

If you’ve already been in the plant hobby, then you probably already have several plants. Start propagating! Learn how to here.

Plant prices have increased, so the value of your plants have also. Cut them, root them, pot them and sell them. Use that money to buy more plants! I call it the plant keeper ecosystem. At the end of the day, the supply isn’t there to meet the demand. Help contribute to the plant hobby by making plants and selling them.

How To (BST) Buy, Sell and Trade?

There are tons of ways, here’s a list of how to:

  • Join Plant BST Groups of Facebook
  • Make friends with local plant people on Facebook and Instagram
  • Download the app Blossm
  • Sell on Esty, eBay, Craigslist, OfferUp, or on your own website

Have fun buying, selling and trading!

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