How To Fix Broken Plants

This morning while I was trying to snatch a bug flying around my plants, I accidentally ripped my beautiful monstera thai constellation leaf! I’m completely devastated! So I went to see if there was anything I could do! Tape, glue… something has to work right?

Well, after doing some research, I’d be doing more harm than good if I applied anything but what I did learn was that even though no one is wasting time repairing leaves, people have shared what they do to repair plants broken at the stem.

I’m very careful with my plants, but some times shit happens, so instead of repairing, I immediately go to propagating. However, there is a solution when you accidentally break off a stem.

How To Repair Plant Stem Breaks

Plants are just like animals. When you break skin, we can just glue or tape it together, as long as the break is still fresh. I guess you can also cut the callous off and glue/tape those ends back together, but the success rate here might be very low.

So after my research, I discovered the first thing you want to do is clean off the breakpoint. Meaning, use some rubbing alcohol, clean the break. Then attach the stem together and use super glue around the stem to hold it together. You can use tape, especially if the stem is heavy and lopsided, but if it’s a small stem, definitely just use some super glue.

The plant will heal itself together and your plant will be all right!

If the plant has calloused, just propagate it. The methods shared are for monsteras, but work for almost all plants that can propagate via stem propagation. If your plant can only propagate via bulbs, just go ahead and throw the broken branch off.

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