Can Grow Lights Burn My Monstera Albo Leaves?

Yes, grow lights can burn the leaves on your Monstera Albo

Some people have posted recently what’s going on with their Monstera albos? They’re convinced it’s parasites, insects, a virus, because their soil, watering and lighting conditions are perfect.

Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is, your Monstera Albo could be getting too much light from your grow lights. If you think that putting bright grow lights on your plant for over 12+ hours a day is going to help encourage perfect growth on your Monstera Albo, you’re mistaken. Too much light, whether from a natural source or an artificial source, can still be too much light for your Monstera Albo.

Lighting for Monstera Albos

Unlike regular monsteras that can be grown in a range of lighting conditions, monstera albos will require more lights. Growing in low lights will have monstera albos revert. This is because the white part of monstera albo leaves cannot produce any food. Meaning, in order to make enough food when there isn’t enough light, it’ll revert its leaves to all green in order to survive. Makes sense right?

So the brighter the light the better! Wrong, too much light will cause the white part of the leaf, which is the desirable part. So there’s a balance between bright indirect light and medium light that you’ll need to find that’ll be just right for your plants.

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