Buying Plants Online from Steve’s Leaves

If your local nurseries aren’t selling the hottest plants on Instagram, then you’re probably going to have to source your plants online. There are several vendors that I would recommend, one being Gabriella Plants.

For today, I’d like to recommend another online store, Steve’s Leaves.

I absolutely love their plant selection and what they have for auction. Like most plant stores online, the auctions can get very expensive and the plants can sell out fast. Demand for plants is at an all time high right now, and growers are simply not able to meet demand, which is pushing the prices of plants even further.

Additionally, plant shop owners are now seeing that plant buyers are importing from Asia and paying the same prices they would have otherwise paid here. Which is driving prices even higher in America because the plants people are importing still need to be rehabbed. Which is what a lot of nurseries do, prior to selling it domestically, but I digress.

Steve’s Leaves Review

Steve’s Leaves is an excellent online plant store. I’ve purchased many plants from them. They typically ship within a few days and you’ll have your plants within a week or so. Barring any weather complications. They ship their plants in full pots, and wrap them in paper. Their boxes are aptly labeled to indicate there are live plants and they offer a 30 day warranty. They do provide instructions on how to acclimate your new plant into your new home.

They are an excellent store and I have never lost a plant with them! Although, I did receive a shipment recently with plants slightly damaged, cosmetically, because of the pots crushing the leaves of other plants. But I always expect shipping damage. I believe if they were to use poly fill, they’d be a huge reduction in transport damage. Regardless, I’ll keep on buying and give them and would rate them a 9/10.

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