Buying from Gabriella Plants

My experience with Gabriella Plants

Gabriella Plants is by far one of the most impressive online nurseries I purchase from. The wide selection of their stock and the quality, plus the great handling of plants, makes this company one of my favorites!

I have purchased three plants from Gabriella, all variegated and each handled with great care. Once I received the plants, they doubled in size quickly! These plants aren’t rehabs or cuttings, they’re established and healthy plants that just take off with surprising growth! (Can you tell I’m excited about reviewing them?)

I follow Gabriella plants on Instagram and they are very inspirational. Some things I’ve learned about them is that they do soil propagation. I have always done water, but built my own green house and I’m discovering the bonuses of soil propagation. For example, there’s no shock from transporting from water to soil, they root in the medium they need and there’s nutrients for them to pull from. Overall, great method and something they openly shared.

Also, Gabriella plants recently answered a question from someone asking how to start a business like theirs. They responded, by doing it! Best answer to hear, and that there’s a need for people to propagate because the demand for plants isn’t being met by the supply. Which I find absolutely inspirational.

So if you’re looking for a recommendation for a great plant company, Gabriella plants is definitely one I’d tell all my friends to shop at.

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