Soil Mix

Whether you’re raising Monsteras, Philodendrons, Calatheas or Anthurium’s you’ll want to use a well draining soil to help keep your plants from rotting.

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Are you overwatering? Do you often find your plants dying? Learn what type of water you should use and when you should water your plants so they can thrive!

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Aroids can grow in a variety of different lighting situations, but this isn’t true for all house plants. Learn the best places to place your plants.

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House Plant Obsession

My name is Monstera Matthew and I’m obsessed with plants. Particularly aroids. This includes monsteras, philodendrons, anthuriums and syngoniums. However, I am in love with other plants, such as peperomias, hoyas, succulents and more!

People consider me to have a very green thumb, but I just cut off all the brown stuff before they see my plants. It makes a world of difference! However, before I got my green thumb, I definitely killed my fair share of plants. So if you’ve happened to lose a few plant babies, know it’s normal and that you need to get the experience to prevent it from happening again. I can’t tell you how often I’ve lost a plant to root rot, overwatering and under watering.

This site is educational, but I do have an Etsy store. Visit me here.

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Find the rare monstera you’ve been looking for and other rare plants that you can’t normally find at your local nursery.