The great thing about monsteras are that they can grow in any lighting conditions. Whether it’s low light, medium light or bright light (not direct) monsteras can survive any lighting condition. However, there are some caveats.

Monsteras in Low Light

Monsteras can survive in low light. However, you may not see any new leaves. I had a monstera in a low light room and didn’t grow one leaf in two years. However, when I was ready to repot it, I noticed the roots were insanely huge! So if you want your monstera to stay frozen in time, a low light situation could be great for it! However, if it has multiple leaves, you might see some fall off.

Monsteras in Medium Light

Monsteras do well in medium light. They won’t drop any leaves, they’ll grow new babies and a new leaf every couple of months. Depending on the roots, your monstera may not have any fenestration with new leaves.

Monsteras in Bright Light

Some people will say Monsteras don’t like bright light. What they might actually mean is that Monsteras don’t like direct light. If a monstera has bright light, they will grow like crazy! You can expect new leaves every other week, especially during the spring and summer! If you have a bright window, I definitely recommend putting your monstera there.

Whatever your situation, a monstera will do well anywhere in your home. Unless it’s completely dark, then I recommend a grow light.

Lighting isn’t the only thing to consider. Remember your soil mix and watering schedule is just as important.